“on the train, i feel” – Travel Haiku and Image – Central Texas

on the train, i feel
slow passing time, the old sense
of being carried

After the Storm – Flora Edition – Forest Park, Missouri

Last week I created a post of pictures of a bunch of animals after a storm in Forest Park. During the same soggy walk, I also took lots of pictures of the plant life of the park in a light drizzle after the storm. There are two pictures of a felled branch and the tree from whence it came.

Animals in the Wetlands After a Thunderstorm – Forest Park, St. Louis

Yesterday afternoon a tremendous thunderstorm blew through St. Louis creating significant damage in various places. I decided to head out into the Forest Park wetlands with my big umbrella and long lens to see what I could see. Perhaps because there are fewer people around in the park during these times, there were an amazing number of animals out. I also heard a great barn owl, but, alas, I was not able to located it.