After the Storm – Flora Edition – Forest Park, Missouri

Last week I created a post of pictures of a bunch of animals after a storm in Forest Park. During the same soggy walk, I also took lots of pictures of the plant life of the park in a light drizzle after the storm. There are two pictures of a felled branch and the tree from whence it came.

Animals in the Wetlands After a Thunderstorm – Forest Park, St. Louis

Yesterday afternoon a tremendous thunderstorm blew through St. Louis creating significant damage in various places. I decided to head out into the Forest Park wetlands with my big umbrella and long lens to see what I could see. Perhaps because there are fewer people around in the park during these times, there were an amazing number of animals out. I also heard a great barn owl, but, alas, I was not able to located it.

Busy as a Bumblebee

Not everyone was off work this 4th of July holiday. These bumblebees were industriously covering themselves with pollen as they went from bloom to bloom. The trick to taking picture of bees, aside from hoping for a good deal of luck and serendipity, is not to follow the bee about as it enters the flower, but to be ready to take the shot as it exits. This gives you time to find a focus point, and often you will get a pretty cool shot. This trick also work for when one is taking pictures of folks who are hugging. Did you miss the happy look they gave one another as they embraced? Wait for it, and often they will do the same at the end of the hug.