My Best Friend: A Crim-Dassler Photo Contest

Well, the results were not up by Thursday at midnight as promised, but hopefully you went to bed and are not reading this at about 4am or so when it was published, but rather over a nice breakfast with some tea or coffee, which I will certainly be needing 🙂 Watch out, don’t let your tie get in the marmalade!

After 3 commenting judges and 3 non-commenting judges each looked over and gave a score out of 10 to each of the 27 pictures entered, with Edward Crim the main sponsor of this contest having a double vote, we have the extraordinary occurence that we have a tie for the winner . So, extraordinary occurences call for extraordinary measures, and The Dassler Effect is adding $50 so the 1st prize money so recipients are able to split $150. I hope that is equitable. The rest of the prizes remain the same.  So, without futher ado…

  • First Prize – $75 each – Vincent A. Das for “We Three” and Vera Parkin for “With Grandpa Smurf”
  • First Runner Up – $50 – Katy Owens for “The Glory of Friendship is Not the Outstretched Hand”
  • Second Runner Up – Honorable mention- Amanda Salmond for “Kid Loves”
  • Third Runner Up – Honorable mention – Raymond Blanton for “Like Father, Like…” and Adrian Das for “Timid at the Fountain”
  • Reader’s Choice Award – $30- Rima Warren for “Presque Isle”

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to our judges listed below! And many thanks to you, the reader, who makes this all worthwhile.

Also, make sure to check out the individual photo pages at the bottom to check out the judges’ comments for each picture. There is also a page with the original contest info and one where judge Tim Garrett gives his overall thoughts. So, read, learn, enjoy.


7 thoughts on “My Best Friend: A Crim-Dassler Photo Contest

  1. Hey Neil,

    Do I vote my leaving a comment here? If so, my favorite is “The Glory of Friendship is not the Outstretched Hand.” It fits the theme of friendship very well, is an unnatural image, and is photgraphically appealing.



  2. Hello, all. Though I asked for no politicking for any specific picture, please to feel free to post a link to the contest page whereever you please. Indeed, that would be great.


  3. Neil, my man! These photos are all very beautiful. I like the little child with Grandpa Smurf especially well. They seem to be savoring their moment together.

    Peace and joy.



  4. This was a fun contest. I agree with the winning choices. I never voted because I had a hard time just picking one, but all the ones I liked won. The photo “We Three” made me wish I was there giggling along with the kids. It seems they were having a great time.


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