The Firefly Hunters – An Image from a Failed Shoot – Forest Park, St. Louis

This evening I went out seeking a prairie/wetland area in Forest Park where a friend told me there were many fireflies. True to his word, the area was teeming with their twinkling, many of them appearing to be in sync. I tried to take some long exposures, but even with my 6D the noise in the images in near darkness was simply too much to produce many usable images. I am going to have to work on my technique.

I waited for some bicycles with lights to pass but did not manage to get a great shot. Then I saw the lights of a group that had lit jars, presumably to store caught fireflies. I pointed my camera at them and hoped for the best. The image is noisy, but after some working over, it shows the group as they waited for a while before heading down the path. It has a painting-like look that I rather like. You may wish to view the image in a new tab/window to see a larger version.

the firefly hunters-1 copy small

Contingent – A Reflection on the Spring Flood of 2017

Contingent – A Reflection on the Spring Flood of 2017

From another blog…

the thing with feathers

Feature image is of the Old Playground Pavilion in Tower Grove Park, St. Louis

I sit to write this brief reflection as I work a shift for a colleague trapped on high ground somewhere South of St. Louis, the water of a swollen Meramec River keeping her at home. Another friend upstream posts pictures of the water that has trapped her family near where the same river passes just southwest of the city. I, myself, though largely dry, save for a trickle in my basement, stare at MoDOTs highway closure map, zooming down on red and yellow lines slashing the lower half of the state that block my easiest routes to a weekend retreat, placing my trip in jeopardy.

Contingent: “dependent on or conditioned by something else”

It is not a feeling that we like to have–being reminded that we are not the free-agents that we think ourselves to…

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Chesed Shel Emeth – The Jewish Cemetery Desecration – Reflection and Haiku

Chesed Shel Emeth – The Jewish Cemetery Desecration – Reflection and Haiku

A piece from another blog to which I contribute.

the thing with feathers

Image by Jim Salter, Associated Press.

Today I drove through University City as I have done many times over the past thirteen years. Today the St. Louis area turned again to the sense of Spring that had come too early and which was interrupted by a week of cold, which left all the magnolia blossoms dead, their normally bright blooms appearing in ambushes of joy throughout the city now like brown dirges, their depressing refrain repeated every few blocks.

It has not been the first time that I have passed the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery since it was desecrated on a weekend last February, but in today’s ordinary, good Spring sunlight, the act became more horridly real to me, perhaps just because of the ordinariness of the day.

This was the cemetery that was next to the Missouri Council of the Blind thrift store which I visited so…

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“tags on vintage walls” – Chiastic Haiku Pair with Ambivalent Thoughts on Graffiti

tattooing old skin
architectural ink
tags on vintage walls

tags on vintage walls
adorned or marred? i’m forced
to see to answer

While driving up St. Louis’ Grand Boulevard today I noticed some graffiti, which was not particularly well done, but then noticed what a lovely old brick warehouse it was on, which I might never have paid heed to at all. Other graffiti is a work of art and the building or wall it is on is bettered by it. I have conflicting, intensely subjective judgments on each piece of graffiti I see.