Shooting Magnolias in the Rain – A Moment of Serendipity

I am certainly going to be more careful whilst shooting in the rain, as one of the buttons on the back of my camera malfunctioned for a little while after doing so and gave me a real scare, but it may have been worth it for the special effect I got when some water droplets accidentally got on the lens!

magnolia in rain-2 small

magnolia in rain-1 small

magnolias in rain small

magnolias in rain-2 small

A New Blog With Friends

Dear Reader/Viewer (it is hard to know what to call you with my blog’s combinations of images and words), I have recently begun another blog with some friends to collectively stretch our wings at writing and to share some thoughts on the theme of hope. I will not promise that you may not still get an odd prose piece here on The Dassler Effect from time to time, but this new venture should allow me to exercise my prose stylings in another venue and largely leave this space for images and haiku :)

Should you want to check out the other blog, though, here is the address!