This Year’s Batch – Easter Eggs for 2014

The deal is that my niece and nephews paint them, some years I help hide them, they find them, and then we have little photo shoots. This year we did not really bother with the hiding and only Miss G’s Easter eggs really had the je ne se quois quality that belongs to a photogenic Easter egg, so these are all hers. Nicely done. Easter egg tossing by my brother. And no eggs were harmed in making of this…oh, actually one was but “Shh!, we are kind of keeping that a secret!”

2014 easter eggs1

2014 easter eggs2

2014 easter eggs3

2014 easter eggs4

2014 easter eggs5

2014 easter eggs6

2014 easter eggs7

2014 easter eggs8

2014 easter eggs9

First the Blossoms, then the Leaves – Queen Magnolia Makes up for Lost Time

It is Holy Week and by now it should be the dogwoods that ought to be blooming with their cruciform flowers, each petal pierced with red. It has been a strange spring, though. As the cold hung on and on, the magnolia blossoms stayed hunkered in their fuzzy husks, only finally coming out several weeks ago during a spate of warm days, fully one month late, looking a little bedraggled and forlorn. Then they miraculously unfurled, stood full, and finally flopped down, pleased with the fullness of their petals. And then another cold, cold rain and strong westerly wind and they were gone, quilting the lawn with the help of the false violets like a delicate grave blanket. It is only this last death of sorts, though, which makes way for the next resurrection, as the green, stubby buds beneath the stem where the flowers had been unfurl in their turn, and begin their journey to broad, leafy maturity, to making a green, shading canopy in the summer and one of glorious yellow in autumn.





Shooting Magnolias in the Rain – A Moment of Serendipity

I am certainly going to be more careful whilst shooting in the rain, as one of the buttons on the back of my camera malfunctioned for a little while after doing so and gave me a real scare, but it may have been worth it for the special effect I got when some water droplets accidentally got on the lens!

magnolia in rain-2 small

magnolia in rain-1 small

magnolias in rain small

magnolias in rain-2 small