from leafy, dappled – Autumn haiku – Pumpkins

from leafy, dappled
bowers, summer swelled pumpkins
rise to greet the fall


Autumn, Then Winter Haiku Contest – 2012 – Fall, Winter Poetry

Well, it has been far to long since this blog has held a contest of any kind, so it is high time to do so. So, though most of you come here for the photography I suspect, we will begin with a haiku contest which was the first contest I ever held here.

So, if you are interested, check out the details. Pay attention to all the instructions if you would like to win!

Also, Lord willing, coming in November will be the second iteration of “A Christmas Carol: A Photography contest.” Check out the first contest here.

first frost

sun’s fingers stretch through
barren trees etching these fine
filigrees of frost

the trees’ shadows shield
the sun’s warm wash etching these
filigrees of frost

I love seeing the patterns the sun creates when it rises upon a frosty morning. Some of the lines where the sun has melted away the frost can be quite sharp and detailed-at least for a while. The sun always has its way in the end, and thank God for that.

I wrote the second haiku to more accurately try to reflect the actual process of etching. The first is a bit more of a metaphorical conceit. It all began with the word frost, which is quite evocative in and of itself. And then came the wonderful “filigree.” Then a little personification for the first haiku and some internet research for the second-and we were in business.

There you go, just in case, you know, you were ever curious about my haiku writing process 🙂 though I don’t always start at the end.